FarmersOnly – a Networking platform with a difference

Nobody can succeed alone and it always has been my conviction, in my work as a sourcing consultant and as well as an immigration consultant, in my life, in my dreams too: connecting, sharing and acting together is the most powerful way of creating great things in this world.” Be it business or personal goals. I’ve numerous incidents in my life, personally experienced, where networking has helped each other. Be it my own first school admission or my evolution as a consultant. Even Farmer’s platform came in my life purely via networking. I’m very social & connected to various social networking groups. However Farmers’s Only is a unique platform to derive maximum value & also perfect way to connect people with people to make things happen. Started by none other then Paritosh Pathak, A Networking Guru, and India’s first Professional Networking Consultant, I’m blessed to have his company at this platform. Since last year, I have been introduced to Industry Big Wigs at formal mtgs & also been gaining valuable experience from time tested professional of varied industry, who are my fellow members. The atmosphere has always been relaxed and friendly and other members make me feel at home straight away. Over the following months, I found that people were keen to help wherever they could. Doors were opened and opportunities presented that may never have materialised without membership of Farmer’s Only.
Lokesh Parashar
Pradeep Kashyap

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