About FarmersOnly

What is FarmersOnly

FarmersOnly is an initiative to bring together “Quality Business People” to lay foundations and then meet up to build on the foundation of Relationships!

What farming has got to do with Business People and Networking?

Let’s be clear on one thing first, this is NOT a platform for literal Farmers, rather it is a platform for Cross Industry Entrepreneurs that have a Farming Mindset. Farming Mindset is when an Entrepreneur has a mindset where he/she is looking to build relationship, invest time and try and help the other person! The way farmers invest time and effort and are patient to reap the benefits.

This may sound a little too good to be true and we promise you it is both “Too Good” and “True”. There are plenty entrepreneurs today who wish to be connected to other entrepreneurs and not talk business on day one. Rather they would like to get to know the other person better and then see where does it lead to: business, friendships, mentors… the possibilities are endless. Everyone likes to be connected to other good people and entrepreneurs are no different!

How does it work?

This part is fairly easy, Business People (“Farmers”), meet once a month during evening hours and network. The platform is put together by FarmersOnly and a structure is in place to ensure that everyone is able to make as many quality connects as possible. An attempt is made to bring in someone who can add further value to the group by delivering a 8 – 10 minute presentation on Networking, education never harms and when it is coming from people who matter, it’s worth it!


FarmersOnly is an exclusive “members only” network. Members are business owners from the NCR region, and we meet every month on the second Thursday in the evening. The meetings are structured in a manner to ensure quality networking, through various strategic networking activities, business presentations, and also a short training by an external speaker.


The network was started in 2012 by Paritosh Pathak, a strategic Networking coach, and Abhijit Roy, an entreprenuer and a peoples person. Over the last two years of operation, the core team of FarmersOnly has grown significantly, and some of the people who have made key contribution to it’s growth are